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Intraday gems – Futures (IGF)

IGF are momentum trading calls generated in the futures segment of NSE and are bound to be squared on same day itself. In futures contract, a minimum specified quantity has to be traded as per the stock exchange’s mechanism.

IGF Advantages

Greater vigilance: The trader has complete control on the trade during live market.
Peaceful sleep: There is no worry of market opening Gap down or Gap up, the next day.
Nifty trading: It is possible to trade in Nifty which is the barometer of whole market, only in Futures segment.
Lower costing: The brokerage charged in Futures trading is generally 1/10th of that charged for delivery trading.
Reset of mind: At the end of day, you know your final scores of gain or loss and you can decisively plan for next
Saving from whip saw: Lesser chances of whip saw are witnessed in Futures segment as compared to Cash segment
   because of consolidated quantities traded.
Better product for big pockets: Traders who wish to trade in large quantities enjoy an edge in Futures segment as
   the trades are acquired in lots and not in petty quantities.
High leveraged trading: Futures trading is inherently leveraged form of trading and one can seek even more leverage
   depending upon the exposures allowed by your broker. Hence, you can gain most by investing much lesser.


Risk reward ratio: It is kept equal to or greater than 1:1.
Targets: Three targets and single stop loss shall be provided.
Frequency of calls: Approximately 3 to 4 calls are generated daily.
Stop loss value: Approximate stop loss kept at the time of delivering call is 1% of stock price.
Maximum exposures: We ensure that maximum two calls are open at any point of time, third call shall be generated
   only after one of the calls is squared partially / completely.


• Traders who wish to trade with higher stakes.
• Traders who have understanding of intraday market movements.
• Traders who are well connected with their broker’s dealing desk.
• Traders who can afford some time during the day to monitor their trades.

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